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Melanie Groves

College/Career Ages 18-22

Each Sunday at 9:30am, we spend time Exploring the Bible. Some of the college students also serve as chaperones on our foreign mission trips and are able to serve at MFuge.


Randell & Nancy Hubbard

No Age Limit

We both started teaching the Young Adult Class and realized through teaching this class, that there was a great need in the Church today. There were so many in the Church and it didn’t matter if they were New Christians or Mature Christians, that just didn’t understand the Basics of the Bible. We use no Sunday School Books. We use only one Book and that is the Inspired Word of God “THE BIBLE”.

Eric Weddle

Teens Grades 7th-9th


It is so important for our youth to be grounded in the Word. Come join me at 9:30am on Sunday mornings and see how learning about the Word can transform you.  

Nick Russell

Children grades 1st -3rd

Sunday school is so much fun here in my class. We do many creative activities to learn about Jesus. I encourage every child to be an active part. Come visit the class located on the ground floor and see our colorful room.

Jalaine Warren and Jalana Welch

2 and 3 year olds

Red, yellow, black, and white, they are all precious in his sight. You're never too young to LOVE JESUS. In our class, we teach children songs about Jesus. I use simplicity, toys, and colorful objects to instruct this young age. The focus is how Jesus loves all his children.

Andrea Weddle

Nursery- up to 2 year old

Bring your babies while you absorb the word of God in your classroom. I have a tender loving hand for your child. I sing and rock and have play time with your children.

Tony Andrew

Ages: 7th -12th grade

This is a Sunday school class centered around teen life. Our focus is to prepare teens to make right choices per what God expects from his children. Each quarter we study specific books from the Bible, using the Bible and our Sunday school books. Come join us, we encourage participation, questions, and anything it takes to have the Holy Spirit Present.

Peggy Strunk

4 and 5 year olds

I teach the four and five year old children on Sundays. We learn how to pray for others, share, learn how Jesus wants us to act, and all about the stories in the Bible. I have a deep passion for this age. Teaching on the Bible is my passion, it is my honor to to be a small part of molding these children into the body of Christ. 

Jim Harris


This class is an all adult class for men, and women, couples, and singles, held in the sanctuary. It is a Bible study style class where we study different books from the Bible each quarter. We use the Bible, and Sunday school study literature. 

Bobby Jones

Ages: 4th - 6th Grade

This class is focused for students to help them discuss things going on in their lives with school, home and other areas. I help my students understand the Bible and how they can apply it to their lives. I enjoy engaging my students in discussion and hope you will come and join us. 

Barb Mink

Ages 18 and up (women only)

Women of clay is a group of women who love Jesus, and have a strong desire to grow closer to him. We do a wide variety of Bible study, currently we are doing our own war rooms. Wherever you are with your walk with Christ we invite, and encourage you to come to the Women of Clay Sunday school class. 

Tammie & Megan

Young Adult Ages: 18 - 45 (women only)

This class is a group of ladies that love Jesus and love each other. We do a wide variety of Bible study to help us grow closer to the Lord and grow closer to each other as sisters in Christ. We have some times of serious discussion but we also like to have fun as we learn what God is doing in each of our lives. So, wherever you are with your walk with Christ we invite, and encourage you to come join us.